A Quality Treatment Facility in Northern Manitoba

Reception Area

Our administrative clerk is responsible for the reception area during normal working hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Night staff will tend to this area after hours.

Meeting Rooms

There are several large group and small group or one-on-one staff and meeting rooms for programming offered at the Nelson House Medicine Lodge.


A secure video internet link connects residents to health care providers and families. Both residents and staff can see, hear and talk to others on screen in real time.

Kitchen/Dining Room

A full-service kitchen staffed by our experienced cooks  prepare tasty nutritious meals daily for our clients. Dining room hours are: Breakfast – 7:45 to 8:30 a.m., Lunch – 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m., Supper – 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. Snacks are left out in the evening for residents.

Mail/Message Box

A mail/message box is provided for each resident at the reception area with the box number corresponding to resident room numbers. Mail service to Nelson House operates daily except for weekends. Any incoming mail received will be placed in the mail/message boxes.

Resident Telephone

The resident section of the facility’s treatment wing has two resident telephones. If residents receive an incoming call while in a session, a message will be taken and placed in the mail/message box. For resident confidentiality cell phones / personal device use is restricted.


When residents arrive, medications are turned over to staff.  Dosage(s) are administered as prescribed. Medications are put in a small secure drawer with a number corresponding to the room number. A medication chart will be created to record the dosage(s), dates and times.

Medical Emergencies

If residents experience a medical emergency, an ambulance is available to take them to the Nursing Station. If individuals need to be transferred to hospital, the ambulance will take them to Thompson General Hospital. Access to Winnipeg can also be made available as required.


Staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with night supervisors available after hours. Staff are fully-trained in conflict management first aid and CPR. Residents are assured of safety at all times with 32 closed circuit security cameras on site.

Floor Plan


Client Amenities

The Medicine Lodge provides several amenities and facilities for resident convenience and to ensure your stay is pleasant.

Laundry Services

The Nelson House Medicine Lodge provides laundry equipment for client use. Clients are expected to do their own laundry at their designated time during the week. All clients are also required to wash their bedding on Saturday.

Exercise Facilities

For physical well being and fitness the treatment centre has an exercise room with an assortment of exercise equipment for use during your leisure time. Residents are encouraged to use the facility and wet-wipe the equipment when finished.

Pool Table

Leisure activities are important in treatment so the centre provides a pool table for residents. The tables and recreation activities are available for residents to use in their spare time while attending programming at the Medicine Lodge.

Resident Lounge

The resident lounge has four comfortable sofas and two large-screen televisions with satellite service to provide a comfortable venue for our residents to relax, watch TV, play console games or socialize with other residents. The resident lounge is available to use whenever residents have no other commitments.

Client Computer

Computer time is available to residents to provide access to the Internet for checking and sending email to friends, family and others in their support network. The computer, along with access to cell phones and personal devices is a privilege and is monitored to ensure resident are focused on healing while at the Lodge.


The facility has 10 regular bedrooms designed for double occupancy and each room is equipped with its own bathroom and shower. Rooms are furnished with two beds, two nightstands and a chest of drawers with two drawers available to each client. Temperature controls can be adjusted.

Special Needs Room

One special-needs, single-occupancy bedroom designed to accommodate a client with disabilities is available. The room is has one single bed, a nightstand and a chest of drawers. The bathroom is equipped with handrails to provide independence and privacy.

Temperature/Climate Control

Each Nelson House Medicine Lodge resident bedroom is equipped with an adjustable climate control that operates the heating and air-handling system for the room at the touch of a button. Residents are free to adjust the thermostat as required to remain comfortable.

Ceremonies/Sweat lodges

Nelson House Medicine Lodge has spiritual rooms, sweat lodges and cultural ceremonies on location and within the grounds. These features are integrated into the healing programming. Residents are encouraged to participate at their comfort level.

Outdoor Recreation

Nelson House Medicine Lodge provides a seasonal grass volleyball court, horseshoe pits and other outdoor activities for residents to use.