inside tipiIntervention and Assessment

NNADAP Prevention strives to provide appropriate assessment of clients and referral of clients to treatment and prepare clients for entry into a residential treatment or other rehabilitation treatment program.

In meeting this objective, NNADAP Prevention has undertaken the following activities:

  • From initial contact, clients are introduced and guided through the assessment and referral process. NNADAP staff use the SASSI assessment instrument, which has proven to be an excellent tool, to match the clients needs with one of around 50 treatment centres that are part of the national network of treatment centres.
  • A contract is drafted, agreed to and signed between the client and program staff that speaks to the commitment to treatment by the client
  • A pre-treatment program, highlighted by ongoing one-to-one counselling sessions, work to maintain the client’s commitment to treatment
  • Travel arrangements are made on behalf of the client and they are strongly encouraged to contact the program staff upon their return to the community.