kNOw Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Program

Helping People Regain Sobriety and Rediscover Their Culture and Spirituality

Canada’s indigenous peoples know all too well the devastating effects alcohol and recreational drugs have on their lives, families, friends and communities.

If you Know Alcohol and Drugs you realize that NO alcohol and Drugs is the better road to heal and become whole again.

Know Alcohol & Drugs

Need Help or Know Someone that Does?

If you or someone you know is dealing with alcohol or drug related addictions and is prepared to make a positive change, please contact us for more information or to make a referral.

Nelson House Medicine Lodge’s Residential Treatment Services operates a 21-bed, non-medical, inpatient, residential treatment program as part of its delivery of the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP).

Residential treatment is for individuals already experiencing alcohol and/or drug addiction, whose life experiences have contributed to unhealthy, addictive and destructive behaviours.

These individuals have realized that to heal and become whole again, they require professional assistance to help regain their culture, spirituality and sobriety.

Who We Serve

  • People with alcohol or drug dependency issues
  • NCN Citizens living in Nelson House and away
  • Other First Nations members in Manitoba and Canada
  • Non-aboriginal persons who might benefit from an indigenous approach to treatment
  • Both Men and Women

Contract beds are available to agencies and organizations requiring reserved access annually to treatment programs, rooms, beds and services. Find out more. 

The Road to Recovery – Better Meeting Women’s Needs

The Nelson House KNOW Residential Treatment program is flexible so you can still attend some of your family and personal commitments while in treatment:

  • A women-only, eight-week, holistic residential treatment program
  • A safe, welcoming and supportive environment
  • Privacy and confidentiality are 100% assured
  • Opportunities to stay in touch with loved ones with telehealth video links
  • Recognized by Child and Family Services as positive action for building healthy families
  • A clean, comfortable, healing environment within our 21-bed residential facility
  • Home-cooked meals, recreation and leisure activities available

Let us Help Heal You and Get Your Life Back on Track.

Nelson House Medicine Lodge women


Telehealth is the use of information technology to connect people to health care services at a distance. A high-speed, secure, video link is used to connect clients to health care providers at different locations in Manitoba.You are able to see, hear and talk to your care provider on a television screen and they will be able to see, hear, and talk to you.

Updated 8-week, Interactive Workshop Format

  • 8-weeks treatment program (shorter than the former 17-weeks format) requires less time commitment from participants making it more accessible to participants – especially women.
  • Recently changed from lecture style to highly interactive workshop-style small and large group interactions
  • New format has changed from mixed-gender intakes (men + women groups) to gender-specific groups – Men only and women only
  • New shorter program increases annual treatment capacity by more than 100% up to 126+ residents per year from the former 63
  • kNOw program is founded upon the belief that addictions of all kinds are “trauma fuelled” and it is proven alcohol and drugs are ADDICTIVE WHEN complicated by trauma. The more severe or frequent the trauma – the chances of abuse grows exponentially.


  • Week One:  Assessments, treatment planning   and communication skills
  • Week Two:  Culture 101
  • Week Three: Addictions and the Brain
  • Weeks Four to Seven: Trauma Recovery
  • Week Eight:  Stress Management, Relapse and Prevention