Aftercare and Follow-up

The Nelson House Medicine Lodge believes that treatment from drug and alcohol addiction is a life-long journey. In the weeks, moths and years after the 8-week KNOW program follow-up and aftercare are an important part of ensuring individuals remain on the path to wellness.

During the weeks, months and even years after completing the program, individuals in recovery are still at risk for relapse. Aftercare helps minimize that risk, and keeps residents moving forward on the road to a completely alcohol- and drug-free life. The Medicine Lodge Treatment team helps prepare residents for the days following graduation by focusing on:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Learning about triggers
  • Coping with stress
  • Thinking about outcomes of relapse

If an individual does relapse into old behaviours, the aftercare program helps them cope and better assess
the situation. Aftercare is provided to individuals in Nelson house and includes:

  • Follow-up on identified long-term goals pre-defined by the individual. Typically the identified follow-up milestones are set at three, six and nine months after graduation from the KNOW program
  • Supports and consultation or recommendations of continued treatment as required
  • Staff ensure follow-up is in place and the client is following through on their aftercare and continuing care plans
  • Staff assist the client in building linkages with a host of local social services both in and outside the community
  • Professional counselling relationships are structured between the client and the program staff
  • Staff prepare reports and provide details of the client’s progress and where the client might need assistance at the community level, in maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle
  • Staff schedule and provide home visits with post-treatment for individuals
  • Staff arrange for graduates of the program to share or take part in the Medicine Lodge programming and on occasion this has led to employment with the Medicine Lodge.


Aftercare is currently available to Nelson House Citizens.