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A Well-Designed and Functionally Practical Facility for Addiction Treatment Programming

Nelson House Medicine Lodge is a purpose-built facility, designed to offer a comforting and accommodating environment, in which to achieve a sober, healthy lifestyle. The facility was designed by architect Don Courtnage, to reflect and accommodate ancestral indigenous practices and processes that span all seasons.

The Medicine Lodge is specially designed to integrate the unique features of the culture and traditions of aboriginal peoples.

Reflects Cultural and Historic Aspects

The building reflects the character of the community and significant cultural and historical aspects. Its scale and location maximize its relationship to nature, providing comfort and tranquility to the people it serves.

Specifically the importance of water has been accentuated by providing major vistas to the lake in the south, east and westerly directions. The overall planning maintains a strict adherence to the cardinal points, north, south, east and west, with entrances and corridor axis falling specifically along these lines.

One wing houses the unique 8 week, 21-bed Residential kNOw Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program and the NNADAP Prevention Program.