Aftercare is an Essential Part of Prevention

NNADAP Prevention provides aftercare to clients returning home to Nelson House from treatment at the Medicine Lodge and other facilities, including maintaining a link with relevant treatment centres concerning client care and progress.

In working towards this objective, NNADAP staff conduct the following activities:

  • Staff will ask for progress and discharge reports from a client’s counsellors to ensure follow-up is in place and the client is following through on their aftercare and continuing care plans
  • Staff assist the client in building linkages with a host of local social services both in and outside the community
  • Professional counselling relationships are structured between the client and the program staff
  • Staff prepare reports and provide details of the client’s progress and where the client might need assistance at the community level, in maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle
  • Staff schedule and provide home visits with post-treatment clients
  • Staff arrange for graduates of treatment programs in or out of Nelson House to share in the Medicine Lodge.