Residential Treatment Programs

The Nelson House Medicine Lodge therapeutic facility is a non-medical unit offering an eight-week, gender-specific, in-patient, KNOW Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Program with six sessions per year – three for men and three for women.

The emphasis is on indigenous cultural, spiritual and traditional practices, blended with contemporary techniques and treatments.

Workshops. Ceremonies. Activities.

In-house workshops

In-house workshops include:

  • Healing & Wellness
  • Anger Management
  • Grieving & Loss
  • Home Coming
  • An Inner Child Workshop
  • Personal Portraits
  • Aboriginal Culture & Recovery
  • Building Healthy Relationships & dealing with Family Violence

Cultural ceremonies

Cultural ceremonies include:

  • Spring, summer and fall fasting camps
  • Gathering medicines (sweetgrass, sage, cedar)
  • Sweetgrass ceremonies
  • Pipe ceremonies
  • Winter round dance
  • Regular year round sweats
  • Naming ceremonies
  • Night lodges
  • Sun/rain dances
  • Feasts
  • Teepee teachings
  • Bear/smoke lodges

Other activities

Other activities include:

  • Educational lectures on various topics related to addictions and healthy living
  • Small group sessions for men, women and counsellor-client meetings
  • Arts & crafts
  • A.A., A.C.O.A. meetings
  • Community resources, such as the Family Community Wellness Centre Program
  • Recreational activities